Rape culture foresight

First, rape.


Second, conceal.


Third, joke about it.


Last, the moment where the realisation hits that having an extra mutant-eye doesn’t alleviate a blind spot.




Annabelle @ The Art of Flag-waving


Questionable answers

“So, this is a question to both of you. Mr Morrison what do you admire about Mr Shorten. And Mr Shorten, what do you admire about Mr Morrison?”  The brunette chick in brown.

Please, allow Ms The-Art-of-Flag-waving to set the record straight, as both gentlemen were faking empathy and benevolence …sucking up to voters, in other words. I admire absolutely nothing in both men. They are cowards, backstabbers, compromised, corrupt, Chinese pawns willing to sell their souls to get into power. They are also rather unattractive.

Neither cucked politician has anything to offer to Australians. Morrison is a socialist corporatist who is happy to sell out our the Australian culture and resources to the highest bidders. He marches around like the Ever-ready Energizer bunny, repeatedly beating his little drum without any rhythmic variation, without melody and certainly without style. A talentless, try-hard who has inverted his braggadocio predisposition to emulate humility, as he lacks the emotional depth to fake it for real.

With no ability to pause.


Ssshorten, a socialist communist, is also selling out the Australian culture and resources to the highest bidder, as he ssslithers around like a sssnake                  …sssliding, twisting and turning on the ground, between the bushes, looking for fresh, young souls to devour.  He is another talentless, try-hard phony, who has inverted his licentiousness to emulate morals and kindness, as he is completely devoid of either virtue.

Where is St Patrick when you need him!?


Annabelle @ The Art of Flag-waving

PS If you’re going to plagiarise and appropriate my material, at least have your unimaginative, uncreative, untalented teams correctly and appropriately adapt my work.  lowns.