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Knowing when and how to unravel


A quick post to share with my fellow knitters on how to unravel woollens. From personal experience, I purposefully apply varying degrees of tension on the yarn to create a range of textural finishes. This allows me to better understand the properties of a fibre, which in turn allows me to determine the most appropriate stitches to use. Tautness experimentation is something I encourage the curious type to pursue, as seeing the varying effects on the knit, in real-time, can grant one a great sense of satisfaction, as well as viewing the drape and insulation.

For the experimental type, such as myself, who likes to observe and understand such variations, pushing tension to its limits will require the skill of unravelling to conserve thread. I have linked below an excellent video on not just how to unravel a piece, but also on how to mark a stop-stich. A flagged stitch is of extreme importance when unravelling yarn – it prevents over unravelling so that one’s precious work is not accidentally erased (I’m a firm believer of preserving good work whenever possible). Serious knitters are urged to click on the video below so that the next time the knitting craving hits, you’re all set to continue.


Annabelle @ The Art of Flag-waving