We da real boss: controlling the fake controller

The erosion of Australia’s independence through the continual de-valuing, expropriation and restrictions imposed on our resources is reversible. As long as we have our land and our resources we are da boss. China’s threats are nothing more than disposable toilet paper bluff. We are da real boss: Unite, fight and reconstruct.


Money lost is power lost: It’s not the size of the pebble that matters, it’s where it hits.

Are the great Cyclopes losing their grip on the world? How many more pebbles will it take before the great Goliath collapses? Will 100 years of harvesting war and slavery from behind the shadows, will it have all been all in vain? You were so close…

Perhaps injecting their power depleting narrative just requires a jolt in renewable energy.  Or perhaps their time is nearing.