Where the Sun Don’t Shine …Moreover

Countless subscribers have asked how I come up with such radical ideas for my cartoons.  as my way of paying back the phenomenal support I have received from everybody, I share with you with the simple technique I have stolen from the triangulation pros, the cluster Bs! Ta-dah.  Whenever I get a cartoon idea I envision a narcissist triangulation to help me check my work and determine the missing corner.  Triangulations are the bread and butter of psychopaths and (presumably) intelligence services (they seem to use similar techniques) and Machiavellianism.  I hope you shall put my tip into action, as I desire to see the internet sowed with alternative and logical triangulations based in reality.  Go forth my precious sleuths and remap history with authentic narratives!

(Extra tip, many good triangulations implement the law enforcement triangulation comprised of good cop vs bad cop.)



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