Chinese fake ass Inflation

An extremely interesting video article on the Chinese colonisation strategy occurring in Ethiopia, explaining China’s attempts to limit Ethiopians’ economic independence by engineering a donkey inflation.


China’s Donkey Show is a video article spelling out the Chinese economic colonisation strategy they attempted to implement in Ethiopia: an engineered donkey inflation to limit economic independence and wealth.

I highly recommend this short video because it beautifully and simply illustrates the first phase of land expropriation engineering being implemented by China all around the world.  The donkey inflation strategy explained in this video is identical to the land and home inflation that has also been successfully implemented in Australia.  Financial independence and wealth in Australia have become a dream for most millennials due to property prices.   Our donkey slaughterhouse was designed by restricting land releases, encouraging an unregulated asset-based industry on to the global market, permitting entrance to a constant surplus stream of immigrants and by concentrating commuting infrastructures within short distances of CBDS.  Synthetically built competition.

Unlike Ethiopians, who united and fought back against a communist and oppressive economic attack, Australian cultural atomisation was unable to muster the power of cohesion to fight back.  We now find our feet deep in the l waters of the communist Chinese economic and geographical takeover – phase 2.   Australian landowners are now facing loans of higher value than their properties.  Here on end, our soulless and corrupt banking systems have the legal right to default such loans and appropriate the property.  Once this inflation bubble is fully burst, taking the Australian dollar value down the gurgler with it, China can roll in with phase 3 – purchase and expropriate our land at will and for next to nothing.

Like the Ethiopians, Australia must unite and fight back or we shall lose all.  Worth watching to get your noggin joggin.


Annabelle @ The Art of Flag-waving



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