War and Beef


A few weeks ago, a man in Queensland swore and sprayed mud on a Muslim family on public property. The antagonist was immediately arrested with no bail. One hundred (not a typo) radicalised vegans, on the other hand, recently stormed onto a farm, refused to leave the private property traumatising the farmer and his small children with death threats …for five days! The police did nothing.

A similar scenario was undertaken recently, where hundreds of lentil terrorists disrupted the flow of Melbourne’s CBD, costing retailers and taxpayers a pretty penny. The police took a lethargic approach to remedy the situation.
Vegan oppressors are on a violent campaign against hard working lawful citizens, disrupting business flows to the extent of coordinating operations to terrorize cafés into permanently shutting down. The law remains complicit to these terroristic operations.

This newly emerging militant group is an Antifa doppelganger using the standard oppressed/patriarchy weaponised formula to wage war on the West. Since most sensible people are disgusted by Antifa’s violence and lack of reasoning skills, Veganism has tweaked the formula slightly by zoning its efforts onto Western altruism through puppies and kittens.
Cultural Marxism is waging war on the west through the construction of specialised militarist divisions to tackle different territories with the common goal of suppressing white men.

Army division – Feminism

Fictional war crime:   Rape & oppression.
Fictional victim:           Women, girls, gays, trannies and paedophiles.
Malefactor:                     White Men.

Air force division – Climate change

Fictional war crime:   Atmospheric rape & destruction of the earth.
Fictional victim:           Children and multi-culties.
Malefactor:                     The West, more so white men because patriarchy.

Marines division – Antifa

Fictional war crime:   Past, present and future holocausts and genocides of all                                                minorities.
Fictional victim:           Multi-culties, the disabled, gays, trannies, paedophiles                                                    and women.
Malefactor:                     White men because patriarchy and Nazis.

Navy division – Vegans

Fictional war crime:   Genocide, rape, oppression and enslavement of                                                                   livestock.
Fictional victim:           Moos, oinks, baas, puk-puks, quack-quacks and any                                                          other type of livestock (except insects).
Malefactor:                     The West, more so white men because patriarchy likes                                                    meat.

Squad leaders for each division are recruited for their susceptibility-to-blackmail, often with nothing-to-lose convicted criminals such as Joey Armstrong, as these types of characters are easily controlled through their shady past and are relatively cheap to maintain by throwing them a few whores, some drugs and a modest abode. The likelihood of them having psychological issues such as narcissism or sociopathy is also a bonus, as their lack of empathy, manipulation and deceit with a propensity to violence makes them ideal to carry out insidious orders.

When designing this outfit, the engineers redefine and reallocate vocabulary terms which are only applicable to humans such as rape, murder and enslavement, specifically weaponised to humanise animals and dehumanise human beings. Vegans are now purposefully befuddling violated women with cows, Jewish gassed holocaust victims with pigs and unworldly children with sheep. Demoting humans to the level of animals is a means to justify murder, slavery, rape cannibalism and the culling of human beings. Pure and simple.
They also work on an out-of-date dietary model based on the idea that animal products cause cancer and heart-related conditions, when in fact recent science points to carbohydrates and constant grazing being the culprit of cellular inflammation, obesity, heart diseases and cancer. So much for being progressives.

Veganism is only one of a number of cultural grooming organisations popping out of the woodwork and morphing into aggressive, authoritarian groups geared to intimidate and assault. And always, their common a common goal is to render our resources valueless (to us) to facilitate the expropriation of our resources. Since specialisation is the key to advancement, each division is geared to attack a specific portion of the West’s culture, be it women, children, the family unit, Christianity, the poor, the disabled, meat eater or else.

As this is a very complex and convoluted hydra, I’ve created a map to briefly illustrate the intersectionality and connections between all these divisions.

“All war is deception.” Sun Tzu


Annabelle @ The Art of Flag-waving


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