The Transcendence of Australian Women


For Australia, the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest has become a historical must see, as this is the first time the contestant has been chosen by us, the people. And what a choice we have made!  Supremely feminine, incandescent, elegant and gifted all rolled into an exquisite Giotto masterpiece. It’s as though Kate is  reawakening the Australian women’s animus.

Kate in all of her majestic radiant glory, embodying the resurrection of the female spirit.


However, Eurovision has been possessed by a villainous monster – a green-tinged Cyclops. It forcefully beats a primitive hand strung skinned drum, desperately trying to out-compete the magical complexity of a layered melody. Seismic sound waves savagely ripple through the air, reverberating and scattering to deafen all. It means to destroy all that is beautiful and rob Australia of its win. But our Regina Kate Miller-Heidke is not intimidated by the Beast’s putrid breath, our delicate damsel bravely rides forth to challenge Eurovision’s favourite, Netta.

Monstrous, childish saucepan-lids discharges readily forgotten were they not deafeningly loud.


These two women diametrically oppose each other, and, in a convoluted sort of way, represent the classic tale of good vs evil.  Kate, who deceptively hides her strength like silk chiffon, vs  Netta, who is as refined as coarse potato-carrying hessian cloth and gets the rough job done (carrying potatoes, that is). It’s a battle of female spiritual elevation vs cannibalistic devouring of souls. Immaculate clarity vs in-your-face shocking pinko.  Merger & Recovery vs divisiveness.  The celestial elevation vs a couple of hooked prongs. Blooming edelweiss vs a desiccated artichoke. Light as a feather maturation vs elephantine oppression.  Nightingale vs croak. Serenity vs violence. Do-re-mi vs Boom-bang. Evolving vs blocked pipes. And let’s be honest, beauty vs the grotesque.

Hungry, hungry …rhino


Eurovision 2019 has become a girl-powered battleground. It’s a battle we Australians must be prepared to fight to the bitter end. Let’s show the world what we’re made of! Let us be leaders, not a follower! Let’s unite and kick arse! Viva Regina Kate-rina in Gloria!

No holding Bach vs Foxy Capriccio. Which side will you be on?

Alba gu bràth!


Annabelle @ The Art of Flag-waving


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